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Get Peace of Mind through our Plumbing & Water Supply Designs

Plumbing and Water Supply are the most important feature in any home, without which Human living is not possible. We at HouZone understand the importance of Plumbing & Water Supply Designs in every home, defining them through durability, easy serviceability and aesthetics. Its important to design the Plumbing and Water Supply in such a way so as to avoid costly maintenance and leakage issues.

Our Engineers have worked hard to find Practical and Easy solutions to making your home maintenance free. You may expect the following in our Plumbing Designs:

  • Water Supply Piping Layout with pipe sizing
  • Drainage & Sewerage Layout with pipe sizing
  • Correct location of Bathroom Fittings, Kitchen Sink, etc.
  • Guidance on Tank Capacities, Septic Tank Designs, etc.
  • Latest Material and guidance on their use
  • Check points for Quality Checks
  • Type of fittings and suggested Manufacturer
  • Technical Q&A Support#
  • Cost Estimates, Material Requirements*
  • Free Discussion with our team via Private Messaging (PM)

*Buy Material Estimate Package at 25% discount along with Room Design Package and get all the details related to Costs & Estimates for your Dream Room.

Rs. 2999.0

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