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Congratulations on Building your Dream Home, we are sure you must be very excited and hope that your Project is progressing well.

Electrical Designs are very important for any modern homes today, as almost all our work is dependent on Electricity. It’s also important for Safety of your loved ones. At HouZone, we provide you with the right Electrical Designs that ensure your comfort and safety. Just fill in the form below, answer some very simple questions and we’ll do the rest. Electrical Designs made by us are very simple, easy to understand and implement.

Electrical Design Package will give you these valuable Designs for you to start Building on your own.

All Electrical Designs include the following:

  • Location of Lights, Fans, Switches, Sockets, Power Points, Wifi, TV, etc.
  • Location of Main Panel, AC, Geyzers, Inverter, Power Sockets, etc.
  • Circuit Diagram showing distribution from Mains to Various Locations
  • Wiring Thicknesses for Circuit and Distribution
  • Ampere and Wattage for Switches & Sockets
  • Earthing Design
  • Technical Q&A support on Electrical Design#
  • Free Discussion with our team via Private Messaging (PM)

*Buy Material Estimate Package at 25% discount along with Room Design Package and get all the details related to Costs & Estimates for your Dream Room.

Rs. 2999.0

Fill Form & Buy!Buy Now!

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