Step 2

Congratulations!!! You are now ready to start the Construction of your Dream House. This is the 2nd Step of House Design Process, after you have finalized your House Floor Plans & Elevations.

Congratulations on Starting to build your dream home, whether you are about to Finalize the Design or have started with actual construction, Houzone can offer you multiple ways of building your home, easily, safely and help you save big money. offers Construction Design Services to all our clients who wish to proceed to the construction stage of their dream house.

Construction Design Services

Construction Design Services can be ordered by you after you have finalised your house floor plans and other details with us. Construction Design Services include:

  • Structural Design such as Footings, Columns, Beams, Slabs in R.C.C. and steel reinforcements for concrete, etc. to start the construction of your dream house. ( OUT OF STOCK)
  • Electrical Design such as locations of switch boards, fans, lights, power sockets, wiring loops, wiring information and other details to easily plan & complete the Electrical works in your dream house.
  • Plumbing Designs such as piping layout for water system and sewerage system, location of E.W.C., Wash Basins, Geysers, Floor Drains, Kitchen Sinks, etc. With Plumbing designs you can easily plan and complete the Plumbing works in your dream house.
  • Cost Estimation & Bill of Quantities is helpful in planning your budget and material quantities for each item of work during the construction. This service is immensely useful for you to plan ahead and avoid wastage and save big money. This is also useful in taking quotes from contractors.

Construction Drawings

You can order Construction Drawings or Detailed drawings for proper construction of your dream house. Construction Drawings provide you with detailed information such as dimensions, levels, window & door openings and sizes, sections and heights of the building, etc.

Value Added Services

Use our Value Added Services to make your order much more useful and easier. You can order CAD files so that you get editable files which can be used by you for getting Government Approvals or if you wish to get further services from 3rd Party. You can also order our HardCopy Print outs and we will print the drawings and courier them to you, anywhere in India. Choose our modification service to modify any of the drawings that you wish to modify and our WhatsApp service is very useful to customers wishing to interact fully on whatsapp, such as receiving drawings and communications on whatsapp.

We try in making your ordering and designing process as easy as possible and we provide you with the best house designs possible.

  • Modify the Drawings
  • CAD Files
  • Hard Copy Print Outs
  • WhatsApp Messenger to Interact directly with our Design Team

Why Choose HouZone? offers various benefits and few of them are listed below:

  • Customized House Designs and Floor Plans, so that your house is made as per your requirements
  • Affordable Pricing
  • Segregated Services, only pay for what you require & order
  • Complete House Design Services from Floor Plans to 3D Elevations, to Structural & Electrical Drawings, Interiors, Cost Estimation, etc.
  • Flat & Up Front Pricing, we mention our prices upfront so no hidden costs and we do not charge as per the size or area of the house, so its easy.
  • Dedicated & Personalized Service
  • Available everywhere and any time, you can order anytime and from anywhere
  • We cater to persons with a budget of Rs. 10.0 Lakhs to Rs. 10.0 Crores, with the same Quality of Service
  • Interact with our Design coordinator to explain your requirements in details and for modifications or for any construction related queries.
  • We design houses for 2bhk, 3bhk, 4bhk and upto 6bhk Single family houses, Independent Houses, Duplex Houses, Row Houses, Independent House Designs, Bungalow Designs, Farm Houses, Small Houses, Tiny House Designs, Villa House Designs, House Designs with Pool, etc. etc. Whatever type of house design you want, we will make the Design for it. offers the best house design advice that is most useful to you. Our advice is un-biased as we have nothing to gain from mis-leading you or by providing you with improper suggestion.