East Facing House Plan

Are you Planning to Build your HOUSE? Are you looking for Floor Plans for your House? Do you want Architectural Space Designers to help you design your Dream Home? Is your plot East Facing and you are looking for a House Design for an East Facing House, a customized Floor Plan for an East Facing House?

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East Facing House Plan are the best House Designs in terms of overall quality of space. Other directions also are good, but East Facing Houses are much better spatially designed and follow Vastu easily without compromising on the Quality of space, rooms and their location.

The advantage of East Facing House Plans are:

  • Follows Vastu Principles Easily.
  • Better Ventilation and Better Climatically designed
  • Better Segregation of Private and Semi-Private zones
  • Kitchen comes in the South East and the cooking can happen facing East, which is considered the best direction for cooking as per Vastu
  • The Master Bedroom is located in the South West, which is easily segregated into the Private Zone of the House
  • The Staircase for Duplex East Facing House is conveniently located in the Southern Part of the House, going up Clock wise from North to South or East to West
  • The Upper Floors of the Duplex East Facing House can have 2 or 3 bedrooms along with Family Room or Entertainment Rooms.
  • Balconies can be designed to come in the East and North East side of the house, which will be a good design.
  • East Facing Houses get good sunlights and remain cool during summers, if properly designed
  • The Underground Water Tank and Septic Tanks are also easy to locate in the East Facing Houses


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