Duplex House Plan, Custom designed for a Plot Size of 60 x 40 is designed by HouZone.com for a client in India.

The client had a plot of 60 x 40, which is 2,400 Sq. Feet or 266 Sq. Yards and wanted to have a 3 bedroom spacious duplex house along with a small swimming pool and a car park.

Plots of sizes between 200 Sq. Yards (1800 Sq. Feet) to 300 Sq. Yards (2700 Sq. Feet) are ideal for a Duplex House Designs having 3 or 4 bedrooms, car parking, swimming pool, open decks, balconies, etc.

Duplex House is a house that typically has Bedrooms and Family rooms on the First Floor and are connected to the Ground Floor with an Internal Staircase. Ground Floor of the Duplex house generally has a Living Room, Kitchen & Dining, Utility, 1 Guest Bedroom or Study Room etc.

Duplex Houses are ideal as they provide better usage of space, wherein the Ventilation can be properly Designed by leaving more space on the Ground Floor for Setbacks and Ventilation.

HouZone.com designed this Duplex House on a Plot of 60×40 with an Open Kitchen – Dining concept, spacious Living Room, a Guest bedroom and Utility on the Ground Floor. Ground Floor also had a Car Park, a long and narrow swimming pool along with a Change room. Swimming pools require space for filters and motor assembly. A Staircase from the Living Room takes the users of this house onto the First Floor, where 3 bedrooms with Walk-in wardrobes are provided.

Using large opening sizes, sliding doors in Dining Room and uncluttered space, the house looks very airy and spacious.

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