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  • Mention the width of the Plot facing the road in Meters. 1 m = 3.24 feet or 1 feet = 0.304 meters
  • Mention the width of the Plot facing the road in Meters. 1 m = 3.24 feet or 1 feet = 0.304 meters
  • Please enter a value between 100 and 600.Area of Plot / Land in Square Meters. Length x Width
    1 Sq. Meters = 10.76 Sqare Feet = 1.195 Square Yards
    1 Square Yards = 9 Square Feet = 0.835 Square Meters
  • When you stand inside the plot and face the road, that is called Road Facing Direction.

  • Design your Home

  • Please enter a value between 1 and 5.How many bedrooms do your require?
  • Please mention total number of toilets required, including attached toilets, powder room, etc.
  • How many floors should your dream home have?

  • Let us know anything else you wish for us to incorporate in our design? It could be special access / design for elderly or differently-abled family members, or your idea of how your dream home should be.

  • This is an approximate Carpet Area that will be designed as per your requirements
  • This is an estimated budget based on minimum spaces provided as per your selection
  • Please mention the Budget that you have in your mind. The above mentioned estimated budget is only for reference.

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  • Get our Complete Services containing all Designs, Drawings, Estimates which will guide you from Design to House Warming!
  • Complete Set of Designs, Drawings, Details
  • Includes Architectural Floor Plans, Elevations, Sections, Details
  • Includes Structural Drawings, Electrical & Plumbing Layout
  • Includes Estimates, Costing, Material Requirements, Specifications
  • Get to know where to buy, when to buy
  • Get to know internal discounts that will give you big savings
  • Get Step – by – Step Guidance till your House Warming
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