Indians are buying cars and new homes need car parking space, so what should be the ideal space to leave for parking a car? With land area being so minimal and our requirements of a home so high, it is crucial to decide the exact size of space to leave for parking a car.

In India, most of families have small cars, small cars require about 12′-0″ of length to park and close the gate. Almost all cars require similar width for car parking, an ideal space of 8′-0″ is good, this allows for the doors to open, as well as leaving space for house dwellers to take some items out of the car and carry it in through their front doors.

So if you have a small car or plan to always maintain a small car then a space of minimum 12′-0″ x 8′-0″ should be left for parking of your car. Now, this is the minimum space, ideally you’ll be cleaning your car or want to have some extra space around for your dog.

Now, if you are not sure about the size of your future car or may already have an SUV, most Indian SUV’s are just less than 5.0 meters or about 16′-6″.  So you should plan to leave about 17′-0″ of length for your car park. So the minimum space required for you to park your SUV comfortably will be 17′-0″ x 8′-0″, but you’ll have to be a good driver, with so little clearances you don’t want to get a new paint job done on your new SUV.

How about a Sedan? Everything fits between the small car and SUV, the size of the car defines the space you need to leave for parking. We do recommend that you leave about 10′-0″ of width and 15′-0″ of length for car parking.

Again, please remember that after parking your car, the main gate should also needs to be closed, unless you can open them outside or its a sliding gate.

So, whatever your dream home may look like, please plan a nice parking space for your beloved car.
car parking size