Interior Design

What’s the right size for a bedroom? A bedroom is definitely the most amount of time that we spend in our life. A bedroom is the most private of all spaces and hence needs a lot more attention than we generally give.

So, what should be the right size of bedroom in our modern day home? Most of us we copy what we think is right for us, but if given the right amount of thought, to our life style and our functions, we can make the space, much more useful and comfortable.

Lets start with the functions that are required in a bedroom. Of-course we all need a bed to sleep, so sleeping for sure, but now-a-days we also have our entertainment in our bedroom, a small study table to study and yes we dress and get ready in our bedrooms. We need space for storing our valuable and also our not so valuable daily wear. Then we might want a small sitting space for that coffee with newspaper or magazine and we definitely need space for tying our shoes or trying out the slipper for that evening party. It looks like that we live in our bedroom, infact all that we want in our house, we want it in our bedrooms.

Starting with the smallest possible space for a bedroom, if its a double bed that we use and even if we today use a single bed, we might some day use a double bed, assuming that its a King Size bed, the bedroom for the bed space should be around 12′-0″ x 10′-0″, leaving about 3′-0″ of space on either side of bed and 4′-0″ of space in front. Adding a wardrobe built-into the wall will require an additional 2′-0″ of space. So a bedroom of 12′-0″ x 12′-0″ will be an ideal space for a double bed with a storage cabinet.

Adding study table, coffee table, etc. will add to the space. Adding an LED TV or a music system will surely occupy some space. If the bedroom has a connected bath, then an additional space for circulation needs to be given. A typical bedroom should be around 150 Sq. Feet, preferably a rectangular space with the minimum dimension not less than 10′-0″ in the direction of sleeping / bed.

I do hope that this gives some insight into the design of bedrooms, there is so much more, like the location of entrance door, the location of windows and the placement of furniture in a bedroom along with lighting, furnishings that can help in making this most private space, the most comfortable one as well.

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