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Bedroom Design & Location as per Vastu

Bedrooms in our Homes are the most important part of the house, this the place that is most personalized and is not shared with everyone. We spend our maximum time in our bedrooms, while at home and hence, its very critical that these spaces are designed and located perfectly.

In our entire life, resting or sleeping is, equally if not more important, than working. Our entire day we spend while traveling, planning, working and go through the daily stresses and strains of our life. Sleeping completes this cycle and without proper sleep, its very difficult to perform optimally in our daily chores. Improper sleeping or sleeplessness also leads to diseases such as diabetes, depression, hypertension, weight gain and much more.

Ensuring that our bodies are healthy and that we get proper rest and sleep, bedroom is to be designed and located in such a way, so as to get the best comfort. Following are the few methods you can employ, to improve your sleeping habits and improve your health.

Vastu plays a very important role in the placement of bedrooms, this ancient science used by our ancestors, is very much useful in our today’s modern life.

Master Bedroom Location as per Vastu:

Master Bedroom of the house should be located in the South West part of the house, this is the bedroom where the master of the house should sleep and rest. It is important to note that there should be no toilet or bath or dress area in the South West part, only the bedroom should be located in the South West Portion. The door to the master bedroom should be from the North East and the headboard of the bed should be either in the South, West or East. North side head board should be avoided.

Two windows, one in the South Side and One in the West side, will provide ample cross ventilation, avoiding windows in the South West portion is preferred.

If any storage or wardrobes are to be kept in the bedroom, then they should be placed either on the South or Western wall, keeping the Northern and Eastern wall free.

It is very important that the bedroom is not cluttered, is free from unnecessary objects, has enough space for circulation around the bed, is well ventilated, cross ventilated and quite.

The sun shades above the windows play an important role, they should be atleast 2′-0″ projected outside, for better rain and weather protection.

It is recommended that the Southern and Western walls of this bedroom is made using Cavity Wall system (contact for more information), with insulation, so as to keep the room cool.

Children’s Bedroom Location as per Vastu:

Children needs to get better sleep and also needs to be active enough to concentrate on studies and play. Present day, we wish our children to be more active, play outdoors and avoid video games, t.v, etc. The design of Children’s bedroom should encourage and prompt children to be active and yet give them the space to concentrate and study. Again, sleeping comfortably and for the required duration is a must for the good health of the child.

As per Vastu, children’s bedrooms should be in the South East or North West location of the house. There is a belief that the boys should get the South East bedrooms, whereas the girls be given the North West, in any case, these are the two locations for Children’s bedroom.

The Children’s bedrooms should have large windows, opening into a nice view or a garden, this prompts children to explore outdoors and helps develop creativity. A balcony is also suggested, to give the children a feel of outdoors and indoors.

A Skylight will be an excellent choice in these bedrooms, if possible.

Cross ventilation by keeping the windows on the East and North for the South East Bedroom and West and North for the North West Bedroom will provide for ample cross ventilation and natural sun light.

The headboard of the bed should be in the East Direction preferably, although other directions such as West and South can also be used. There should be ample space around the bed, for easy movement.

Storage spaces should be located on the South and West wall and study table should be kept in the Eastern side.

North wall should be left open for them to explore, could be a picture wall or a pin up board or a white board, for children to write or draw.

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