Are You Building Your House?

Are You looking for Floor Plans and House Designs for your Dream Home?? Do you need Professional Architectural Services, to help you Design your Dream Home? Read on to know, how you can get Customized House Designs for your Dream Home, Easily and also save lots of money while constructing it.

Are you confused about House Design?

Are you Confused about your Dream home? You are getting many unwanted advice and you don’t know what to do? You need help in Designing your Dream Home, you need someone you can trust, someone who can guide you from the Design to Construction of your Dream Home.

Whether you dream of a Duplex House or an Italian Villa, whether you wish for a Simple House or a Luxurious Home, the First Step towards constructing your Dream Home is to get a Floor Plan. There are two ways you can get a Custom Designed Floor Plan for your Dream Home, such as:

  • Visit an Architect’s Office


  • Online House Design Services

The First Option appears to be the one, which you might have already considered, but there is an alternative available, thanks to the Information Technology and the revolution provided by Start Ups.

In the present day, its easy to order anything online, from your shopping to groceries and to making payments for essential services. The fact that the Government is also available online, means that we are truly moving towards the Digital age.

So, why not Order House Design Services Online?? Well, there are various advantages in getting your house designed Online, such as:

  • Easy access and available anywhere in the world
  • Customized House Designs, as per your Plot Size, Orientation, etc.
  • No need to travel and wait and follow-up
  • You can order from your mobile phone
  • Services are provided even in the most remotest of locations, as long as Internet is available
  • Not limited by experience, as Global & International Talent is available online
  • Cheaper & Faster
  • Better Information and updated with latest technology

To know more about the differences between Online House Design Services and actual Architect’s Services, please click the link below:

How is Online House Design Services different from actual Architect’s / Engineer’s Services?

What should you look for in an Online House Design Website? 

  • Easy to Understand and use
  • Quality of Designs
  • All Services should be available, such as Conceptual Floor Plans, Construction Drawings, Elevation Designs, Structural & Civil Designs, Electrical & Plumbing Drawings, Cost Estimation, Interiors, 3D Floor Plans, etc.
  • Cost of Services should be mentioned upfront
  • Team should be in-house and Design Platforms should be avoided as Quality of Design cannot be guaranteed.
  • Customized Designs should be available
  • Facebook Profile and number of likes
  • Designs as per Vastu
  • Contact Information is mentioned clearly and available

Steps to Custom Design your Dream Home?

  • Get a Customized Floor Plan as per your requirements, plot, orientation, budget, etc. This should be custom designed for you, do not try to copy anybody else’s house design, as everyone is different and their requirements vary.
  • Finalize the Floor plans, if required get a 3D Floor Plan to understand the circulation of your home.
  • Get a 3D Elevation of your Dream home, as per your finalized Floor Plan, your taste, life style, etc.
  • Finalize the House Design, including Floor Plans, Elevations, Budget etc.
  • Get a Structural Design for Footings, Columns, Beams, Slabs, etc. This is necessary to construct your house with proper safety and to ensure that your house stays young, even if you grow old.
  • Get Cost Estimation to plan your Budget and to know where you need to spend and how much. This is also used to identify a proper contractor to help you construct your dream home.
  • Electrical and Plumbing Drawings are required to plan the wiring and piping for your dream home. Proper design of services will ensure, easy maintenance of your home.
  • Order Construction Drawings to know about the details of masonry construction, opening sizes for doors and windows, levels of the flooring, actual dimensions for construction, staircase details, etc.
  • Interior Design comes last, but can be used at the initial stage to understand the internal requirements and if required to modify the Structures or Electrical or Plumbing as per the Interior Designs.

Floor Plans + 3D View by

Once, you have most of the above data, you can start constructing your dream home. Its important to know, Knowledge helps you in better planning and to save your hard earned money.

Which Online House Design Service should you Use?

There are various websites, that offer Online House Design Services and you should visit all of them to familiarize yourself with their methodology, Pricing and Service Quality. It may take you some time, but, then you only construct your dream home once.

We recommend, click here to visit their website:

Advantages with

  • Truly International Team of Architectural Designers and Construction Professionals
  • Fully customized House Designs and Floor Plans as per your Plot Size, Orientation, Requirements, Budget, Style and Vastu
  • Cost of Services are at the Fraction of the actual cost
  • Upfront Pricing and Flat Pricing – cost of services are per house design and not as per square feet area of the house
  • Segmented Services, so you only pay for what you order
  • All Services available, from Conceptual Floor Plans, 3D Floor Plans, 3D Elevations, Structural Designs, Electrical & Plumbing, Construction Drawings, Cost Estimation, Interiors, etc.
  • Easy to Order and Use – you get your very own personalized account, for easy access to uploaded designs and drawings, communication, etc.
  • 2000+ houses already designed across India
  • 5000+ clients including large number of NRI’s
  • 1,00,000+ Facebook followers
  • Available across India, South Asia and Serving Globally

Duplex Floor Plan + 3D view from

How to Use

How to Contact

Our Customer Care Associate is available from 10:0 am to 6:0 pm on all working days, except Bank Holidays. You can call or whatsapp or sms on +91-9100033897. We will help you with the best advice on your Dream Home. You can also register on and from your account send a Private Message to the Design team for all your Construction related queries.

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What is the Cost of the Service?

The cost for the Custom Designed House is very affordable, it is at a fraction of the actual cost that you may end up paying. Please click on the relevant links to know more about the pricing:

Custom Design Floor Plans:

Structural Designs / Electrical Designs / Plumbing Designs :

Interior Designs:

7 Ideas for Better House Design:

Read our blogs on 7 Ideas for better house design and much more information on House Design:

7 Ideas for better House Design

The Last Word:

We strongly recommend that You should use Professional Architectural Service for design of your Dream Home, whether you choose an Offline or an Online Service, it is imperative that you do choose one. Present day cost of construction is very high and the quality of skilled man power is in shortage, so making construction mistakes is easy, thereby incurring unnecessary costs to you.

A House Design may appear to be an easy thing, but it is one of the most complex design for today’s living, meeting everyone’s needs is not easy. House Design is no more about rooms and a roof, its a place where we spend our entire life, so, its important that we give much more importance, credence to the Design of our Homes. A sensitively designed home, will be much more comfortable, will provide much more happiness and growth in our lives.

Wishing all of you Happy House Constructing!