About Us

We help you design your dream home Easily, we provide customized House Plans, House Designs, Interior Designs that fits your needs and provide you with all the Architectural resources and advice you need to build.

HouZone.com has an expert team of House Designers, Architectural Space Designers, Interior Designers, and we provide House Design Service tailored to your needs, specifically for you. Its like hiring an Architectural Professional for your House Design requirements.

HouZone offers customized house plans for your dream home, small house plans, tiny house plans, farm house plans, cottage, and much more, making the expensive designing and complex process of design, simple and affordable.

HouZone provides functional and practical designs that are customized from the word go, so you can easily build your dream home.

Now, you can get designs of your dream home, Online. Whether you are breaking the ground tomorrow or planning to renovate your house, HouZone.com will provide you with the best House Design Service.

Founded in 2014 by a group of Architects, Construction Professionals and Interior Designers, whose aim is to make Architectural Services affordable and easily accessible, to one and all.

Why HouZone?


On many occasion the client does not get the right information, unbiased opinion on Materials & Designs and most of the clients spend their money inefficiently on the Design & Construction of their Dream homes and many more people do not even have access to these Engineering & Construction Services, due to lack of accessibility or availability of Construction Professionals.

Architecture & Design has the power to transform the society and help in improving the standard of living, yet most of us do not have proper access to the desired solution or worst still, are unable to reach out to Professionals with their needs.

HouZone aspires to provide these Professional Design & Construction Services to everybody, without being too expensive, without any bias and yet delivering the required Quality of Design to each and every Individual.

  • Affordable House Designs
  • All Services available online, so you can order from anywhere
  • Flat and upfront pricing, so you don’t have to worry about hidden costs
  • International Quality of Designs and Drawings
  • Friendly and Knowledgeable Customer Care and Design Coordinator to help you with all your queries
  • Easy to order and easy to get the designs and drawings
  • Easy to modify the drawings

Mission Statement?

Our Mission is to bring Designs of International Standard within the reach of every Individual, bringing Positive changes in the Quality of Life, by Sensible & Sensitive Designs.

HouZone team consists of Architectural Space Designers, Structural Engineers, and Construction Professionals with a vast experience in Pan India and International exposure to House Design and Construction. We believe in implementing Global Quality and Standards that are suited to local living.

HouZone Team