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Welcome to HouZone!

HouZone started with an Idea! An idea to bring Architecture and Construction Engineering closer to people, so that every individual is able to benefit from the Expertise of Architects, Engineers and Construction Professionals.
HouZone is promoted by Architects Ravi & Neelima, both professional Architects with 15 years of Experience in various type of Construction. Ravi is an IIT Alumni and Neelima is from JNTU, both being India’s leading Architectural and Engineering colleges.
Together with their team of International Designers from America & Asia and their vast expertise, they are able to bring this unique service to the benefit of all.

Why HouZone?
Ravi & Neelima found that on many occasion the client does not get the right information and most of the clients spend their money inefficiently on the Project and many more people do not even have access to these Engineering & Construction Services.
They believe that Architecture has the power to transform the society and help in improving the standard of living, yet most of us do not have proper access to the solution.
That’s when Ravi & Neelima decided to make all the services available online, affordable and easily accessible by one and all and HouZone was born.

HouZone aspires to provide these Professional services to everybody without being too expensive and yet providing the much needed professional guidance.

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Construct your dream home, easily with our Step by Step Expert Guidance from “Design to House Warming”.
Our Online Construction Consultancy will provide you with:

Great Benefits
How to construct better
How to avoid costly mistakes
How to achieve better results in building your own home
Step by step methods of constructing like a pro


Floor Plans Designed to Suit Your Needs

Architectural Plans & Designs Customized for your Living !

Designs to House Warming

Covering all aspects of construction of your Dream Home !

Interior Designs to Suit your Taste & Budget

Bedrooms, Kitchens, Bath and more.

Your Simplest Query gets Professional Advice

No more asking around, ask the experts.

Get Service on Demand

We are available always, just a click away!

All Design Services for Less than Rs. 2,000/- Only !

Get access to International Designers and get your very own Home Designed for less than Rs. 2,000/-, Now isn’t this exciting ! ! !

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Getting your Queries solved is as easy as clicking the chat box in the bottom right corner. Leave us a message or chat with our advisers, they will guide you in taking the best advantage of HouZone.
Our Advisers are available 24×7 to help you out. We are waiting for you!

How it Works?

Register for Free and Start Building your Dream Home, easily.
Choose from Free Home Plans or Order a custom design.
Order Engineering Services related to Construction, and get them on the move.
Ask any Construction related Queries and get Personalized Professional Advice.
Free Online Hub Page for Sharing & Collaborating with us.
Send instant Private Messages to get your queries solved.
Keep all your files and data at one place for easy access from anywhere.

HouZone is for EVERYONE !

We help you Build Your Dream Home within your Budget. From customized Floor Plans to Construction Drawings, Interiors & More, we’ll help you design your dream home at a fraction of the cost.

Whether your budget is Rs. 10.0 Lakhs or Rs. 5.0 Crores, HouZone will guide you through the process of Constructing your Dream Home.
Whether you stay in a small town or in a big metro, HouZone is available, anywhere in India.
Whether you are an IT Professional, Business Owner or a Salaried employee, as long as you know little of internet, HouZone can transform your dream into reality.

Everything you wanted to know about constructing your dream home is now available on your finger tips.

Looking for Certified Good Contractors who will help you in your construction, whether it’s Civil Structure or Interiors, our Contractor’s are Verified & Certified by us. We also protect you from any kind of cheating or mis-understanding. To know more, click on WeBuild.
HouZone is supported by “Build to Change” a society for Humane Living.
The goal of HouZone is to ensure quality Engineering and Architectural Solutions are available to all the sections of the society in the hope of making a change in the way we live. Architecture and Engineering has the power to transform our societies and HouZone attempts to help every human to achieve Humane Living. We support “Build to Change”

Build these Beautiful Homes Yourself, easily and safely.

   1800 Sq. Feet of Built Up Area, Contemporary Duplex House. Ideal for Urban Living.
2,800 Sq. Feet of Built Up Area, Luxury Duplex House for Smart Living.
3,000 Sq. Feet of Built Up Area with Pool for Ultra Modern International Design Luxury Duplex House.
3,600 Sq. Feet of Built Up Area, International Design Duplex House with Pool for the Uber Cool Life Style.

Cost indicated is for the Building Only, excludes Land and development costs. Real & Actual Cost incurred while construction. No Hidden Costs.
Beyond Building Plans, Get every Engineering Designs, Drawings, Costs, Material Requirements & much more to build this Awesome Homes yourself.
Save Big Money, ensure best Quality, control everything, ‘coz you only build once.

Use our Step by Step Online Construction Services, So what are you waiting for, start building NOW!