A Simple 3 Bedroom House with Stilt Parking on 42′-0″ x 75′-0″ South Facing Plot
A beautifully designed 3 bedroom house was ordered by a client on houzone.com.
The client has a plot of 42′-0″ x 75′-0″, a total of 350 Sq. Yards with a south road. The client wanted a 3 bedroom house with a study nook, an open kitchen with breakfast area, barbeque area and a nice luxurious, yet simple house.
Since the client requested for a setback of 12′-0″ on both front and back for municipal rules and also to develop them as garden space, the design followed this requirement.
The client wished his house to be designed as per Vastu and wished for open space on the ground level for parking and playing.
The Architectural House Design team of HouZone.com designed the house with a stilt level, where the ground floor space is left open for parking and garden. A staircase is provided to take the family to the First Floor house. A provision for lift is also given for future use and in case the client wishes to expand his house to the upper floor level.
Since the Ground Floor is practically empty, it gives a feeling of a spacious and well-ventilated house.
3 bedroom house plan designed by HouZone.com
The Entry to the house on the first floor is from North, which is as per Vastu. The master bedroom is located in the Southwest and the kitchen in South East.
A spacious living room welcomes the guests and is openly connected with the dining area which opens up into an open Kitchen. The kitchen itself has an extension of the platform with a space for breakfast area.
3 bedroom house plan designed by HouZone.com
With 3 toilets, the house is complete with balconies and utility spaces and provides a very comfortable, well ventilated and spacious house.
The client was very happy with the design provided by HouZone team and is planning to build it soon.
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