3 bedroom Bungalow Design by HouZone.com

A beautiful 3 Bedroom Bungalow

Everybody dreams of living in a Bungalow or an Independent House, it could be a simple 3 Bedroom house with a lot of garden space around the house, where large trees can be planted and lawn can be made with swings and lotus ponds.

A Client ordered a Simple 3 Bedroom house design on www.houzone.com with a simple requirement of a 3 Bedroom Bungalow design on his large plot of 98′-0″ x 76′-0″. He wanted a single floor house with large open spaces outside, a compact design that meets his requirements.

The Architectural House Design team of HouZone.com custom designed the house for the client and presented him with a draft plan. The client wanted to make few modifications in the draft design and the design team was only too happy to oblige his requests. A final floor plan of the 3 bedroom house was sent to him, which met all his requirements.

The design is very simple, entry is through a Verandah into a formal living room, which is connected to the central family and dining area having a courtyard in the middle of the house. This courtyard brings in ample sunlight and ventilation into the house.

An Entertainment room overlooking the front garden is given with large openable french windows and a possibility of a deck outside for outdoor seating.

The kitchen is connected to a large utility and store. The 3 Bedrooms are located at the back of the house, providing ample privacy to the family members. Two of these bedrooms have connected bathrooms, while one common bath is provided outside for guests and family usage.

The design is very simple, yet very beautiful and elegant. Large windows with high ceiling give this house the beauty and comfort of a bungalow.

Outdoors spaces are provided for the kitchen garden, lawns, flowering and trees with fruits, lotus ponds, etc.


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