7 Vastu Principles You Should Use in Duplex House Plans

Vastu is an ancient Indian knowledge related to the design of buildings & its Principles & rules help in the design of a House. A house designed on the basis of Vastu is considered to bring in good fortune, overall health, happiness & prosperity to the whole family. Vastu Principles are as much relevant today as they were important in the past.

The real knowledge of Vastu if employed correctly can result in a house that helps in overall growth of prosperity, wealth, health & happiness for the whole family.

I’m listing 7 Vastu Principles of house design which should be used while designing your dream home.

1. South West Portion of the house should be the tallest part & should be used for Master Bedroom or for Master’s living.
2. North East portion of the house should be light & well ventilated & the underground water tank should be located in this area.
3. Toilets inside the house should be located on the West or Southside & should be avoided on the East & North sides.
4. The kitchen should be located in the South East portion of the house & no water element or supply should be kept in the South East.
5. Staircase inside the house should be located in the South or West portion & avoided in North East & Northside. The staircase should always be clockwise while climbing up & should start from North direction climbing towards South or from East direction climbing towards west.
6. Main gate & main door of the house should be on the North East side & should be avoided in South West.
7. More area should be left on the East & North side of the house compared to South & West. Leaving space all around the house is best as it brings in proper ventilation & helps in the growth of overall prosperity.

There are many more parameters that are considered while a house is designed & only an experienced Vastu House Designer can truly design a house properly.

We recommend that if you are planning to build your dream house, please employ Vastu Principles as Vastu is a Science that really works in bringing happiness, health and prosperity to the family.