7 Vastu Principles for better House Design

Vastu is a very vast field and depends on various parameters, but most of it can be understood with the present day science and climatology. House Design as per Vastu is one of the best methods of House Design in India, the principles of Vastu helps in proper house design with proper ventilation, location of rooms for better health and happiness.

Since, Vastu is such a large field, its impossible to provide all the principles of Vastu, yet there are few basic principles that need to be adopted while designing your dream home, without these Principles, the Vastu is ineffective.

7 Vastu Principles:

  1. Entry to the House should be from North East portion of the house. Gate to the plot also should be in the North East portion.
  2. Master Bedroom should be in the South West Portion of the house.
  3. Kitchen should be in the South East Portion of the house.
  4. Toilets should be on the South or West walls of the house, connected to the external wall, so as to get the best ventilation.
  5. Staircase for a duplex house or a multi floor house should be on the South or West walls of the house and one should go up in a clock wise manner, starting from North to South or East to West.
  6. South West portion of the house should have the highest point, that is, you can construct an additional room in the South West portion to ensure that the highest point in your house is in the South West.
  7. North East portion of the house can have borewell or underground water tank. Try and ensure that all the rain water flows towards North East portion of the house.


There are so many more Principles that should be employed while designing your dream home, so that your house can provide you with a Happy and Healthy life. You can try HouZone.com, its easy and charges are at a fraction of the cost. HouZone.com will design your dream home as per Vastu Principles and as per your requirements and plot size.