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7 Ideas for better House Design

We all wish for a beautiful, spacious and comfortable House for our self and our family. Whether its an Independent House or a Duplex House, we want our House to be designed in the best possible way.

House Design is not an easy thing, infact with so many requirements from so many family members, coupled with the limitation of budget and land, we end up making a mess of our actual requirements. So, what is the best way to Design a beautiful home, which is perfect. Whether you wish for a 3 bedroom simple house or a 4 bedroom comfortable house, whether its a single floor or a multi floor (duplex house), the best way to Design your Dream home and not go wrong is to get Professional Help. Nothing beats a house design that is made by an Architect.

Well, there is no short cuts available, but you can try following these 7 Tips or ideas to help you better design your Dream Home. So here we go:

  1. Leave ample space outside for Parking, Ventilation and for services. Leave atleast 3′-0″ of space all around for a better House Design.
  2. Reduce your requirements, if you feel you need 4 bedroom house, try and see if 3 bedroom house will work for you. Houses are for lifetime and in our life time, we experience our children leaving our home or a marriage adding new members, so plan accordingly. Guest bedrooms should be made only if you expect Guests every week. Its not about making an additional bedroom only, its also about spending that extra budget and also maintaining.
  3. Reduce the number of toilets you require, if you feel you need 4 toilets, try and see if 3 toilets will work for you. Infact, many Western homes have 2 toilets for 4 bedrooms. You can also try breaking the toilet into two functions, one for bathing and one for WC, so that both can be used more efficiently. Toilets require maintenance and less toilets are better to maintain.
  4. Plan for Utility / Store room, such as space for washing and drying of clothes, space for keeping washing machine, space for keeping home inverter, space for keeping additional gas cylinder or tool kits or extra items that you don’t wish to discard. Most common mistakes are when we assume that we’ll plan for these daily requirements later, we find that we use our Prime space for mundane activities.
  5. Proper design of staircase is essential for a duplex house, staircase does not only carry people, but also furniture and other maintenance. Ensure that the staircase is sufficiently wide with large landing space for easy movement of furniture and other equipment such as cooler, fridge or A.C. or Gym Treadmill, etc.
  6. Plan for large openable / sliding windows along with Mosquito mesh, good thumb rule is to have window area of minimum 15% – 20% of the floor area. Bigger windows not only provide natural sun light and air, it helps in making the room look bigger and spacious.
  7. Less is more, have less number of doors or entry into the house as its easy to maintain and ensures safety, less number of rooms, less number of walls, less divisions or partitions, plan for an open kitchen with dining, this helps in healthy interaction of family members in the house.

There are so many ways and ideas that can be explored to Design a perfect house, but unfortunately, not all can be mentioned in such a platform. If you are looking for a House Design that is made with Sensibility and Sensitivity, try, its easy and comes at a fraction of the cost.