Bathrooms have gone a sea change from earlier generation, from being just a space for the purpose, they are now bringing aesthetics, beauty and a style statement.

7 tips for Bathroom Designs
7 tips for Bathroom Designs

Here are few of the ideas that you can use to make your Bathrooms, more than the purpose they serve. Please remember beautiful spaces are also easy to maintain.

Tip #1: Ventilation: Please ensure that you have a big window to your Bathroom / Toilet. I agree that Privacy is the first thing that comes to our mind, but there are various ways that Privacy can be maintained, like a Venetian Blind, or Shower Curtains, or louvers, etc. A big window that can be opened with lots of air flow and natural light will make your Bathroom more beautiful, easy to maintain and help in keeping the bathroom dry.

Tip #2: Space Segregation: Design your bathroom into 3 zones as per the usage. The Wet Zone is where we take bath and should be as far away towards the wall as possible, with a separator like a shower curtain or shower cubicle or glass partition, etc. We take bath the least amount of time compared to the other uses, hence segregating the wet area will help in maintaining the bathroom. This is possible only if we use English Water Closet (EWC), I personally recommend EWC as it is much easier to use, even in old age, much easier to maintain and is much more hygienic.

Wash Basin and EWC should be located one after another. Wash Basin should be nearer to the door, although keeping the wash basin in the center with either side of the toilet being used for Bathing and EWC, is also a good design.

Tip #3: Colors of Tiles & Fittings: Everybody loves some color in bathroom and therefore we have various options and designs to choose from in Wall & Floor Tiles and Sanitary Fittings. If you have the privilege of having soft water supply in your home, you are most free to choose from any colors, but in case you have hard water supply, its best to stick with light colors and shades, with the Sanitary Fittings being white or star white. Ensure that the Wall tiles are upto the ceiling, so that there is no gap above the tiles, where all the muck can silently get stuck. Ceramic anti skid tiles are best for flooring and Ceramic glazed tiles are ideal for walls. The joints between the tiles are to be properly sealed using an Epoxy grout, we all use white cement, which I do not recommend. All gaps should be sealed either by Epoxy grout or by Silicon only. White cement has a tendency to break or get loose and catch dust.

Tip #4: Right Sanitary / CP Fittings: Getting the right fitting is very important. Yes, we may think why we need to spend so much on the toilets, but then you do not wish to be disappointed every morning when you respond to nature’s call. Buying a good standard fitting is very important to a good design. I personally recommend Kohler Fittings or Hindware, both have excellent quality and finish. Try purchasing fittings with the least amount of crevices and gaps, thereby making it a lot easier to maintain. Wall mounted EWC is my recommendation along with concealed flush tank, so that the surfaces are minimized in the toilet. Use of bottle traps under the wash basin helps in maintenance of wash basins and use of Health Faucet on the right side of the EWC ensures hygiene and reduces any excess water spillages on the floor. A diverter or a wall mixer both are good, using a tub with a shower curtain is a good idea as it helps in containing the wetness inside the bathroom. The Water Drain should be under neath the Health Faucet Location or Shower area.

Tip #5: Keep it Simple & Small: We all dream of big houses, and obviously we think of big bathrooms. Unless you have an army of House Keepers and Maids, please try and keep it simple and small. Ideal size of a bathroom is 9′-0″ x 4′-6″ for most of our purposes. Anything bigger is required only depending on your risk taking ability of maintenance. Just the 3 fittings, i.e., Wash Basin, EWC and Shower are enough for our requirement. Spend more on the quality of fittings, finishing of tiles, etc. than the largeness of space or additional fitments. Add some nice indoor plants on the window ledge to bring nature inside, use large mirrors for feeling of a large space and you can transform the bathroom into an enjoyable space.

Tip #6: Do not use Acids: Acid is a no no, never to be used, acid corrodes the Glazed Ceramic surfaces of the Sanitary Fittings and tiles, making them more & more prone to catching dirt and grime. Use warm water and regular washing powder to clean your fittings.

Tip #7: Regular Maintenance: Bathrooms & Toilets are the most functional part of any modern house and hence requires proper maintenance. Bathrooms are also another space in our house, hence daily sweeping and mopping is suggested to keep the bathroom neat and clean. Yearly service of all the fittings by a trained plumber or company technician will help in avoiding future problems. Most important aspect of maintenance of a bathroom is to keep it dry, after shower & wash basin use, ensure that all the wet surfaces are mopped and dried. A dry bathroom will be more hygienic thereby keeping your family healthy.

Do let me know if there are other ideas that can be used, would love to hear your feedback on this post.