We have prepared a list of 5 Great Flooring options based on their look, feel, aesthetics, costs, maintenance, availability, etc.
1. Vitrified Tiles:
Vitrified tiles of size 600 x 600 or 2′-0″ x 2′-0″ is the most Favorite option for today’s contemporary house. These tiles are easy to maintain, are laid easily, costs from Rs. 45.0 per square foot onwards, looks great & comes in large varieties & design. We can lay them with a paper joint, i.e a joint without any gap for smaller areas & with a 2mm or 3mm spacers between the joints if the area is large.
2. Marble:



Marble is the most preferred flooring option, compared to Vitrified tiles, marble gives a natural stone look & feel and improves the beauty of your home. Marble is a soft stone, so maintenance is little high, needs regular polish to maintain the sheen. Costs for marble can start from Rs. 60.0 per square feet for a slab size. Tiles are to be avoided, as they do not give the required consistency.
Marble can be Indian or Italian, it sure makes for an elegant & sophisticated look.
3. Ceramic Tiles :


Ceramic tiles are a good flooring option, easy to maintain, cost effective & gives the required neat finish. Costs from Rs. 40.0 per square feet depending on the size. I would suggest them in Kitchen, Toilets & Terraces as they are very easy to maintain.
4. Natural Stones & Granites :


Natural stones like Kota, Tandur, Bethacherla, are beautiful flooring options for a Vernacular house design to give a more earthy & natural look. Costs from Rs. 35.0 per Square feet onwards and provides your home a real Nature Lover’s paradise.
5. Wooden Flooring :


One of the most beautiful looking & upmarket feel flooring is the wooden flooring. It can be the laminated HDF flooring or hard wood flooring, it lends a softness & warmth to the area. Ideal locations can be bedrooms, entertainment room, etc. costs Rs. 100.0 per Square Feet onwards.

There are various other options available, like Granite, Cement Concrete Flooring, Etc. Whatever is the flooring you choose, please choose it for the right usage, after understanding their qualities.

Happy Flooring to You!