4 Bedroom House Design, Independent Bungalow design on a Single Floor on a 930 Sq. Yards Plot
A Client ordered a 4 bedroom house to be designed on a single floor. He had a plot of 190′-0″ x 44′-0″, about 930 Sq. Yards, East Facing.
The House Design Team of HouZone.com went to work and prepared a draft design and sent to the client.
The design is very simple, ample space is left in the front and a beautiful backyard is also created.
4 bedroom house plan for a bungalow on a large land
Since the client wanted a simple house with small areas, but a well-ventilated house, all the 4 bedrooms are kept together in a cluster, connected by a passage lit by skylight during the day.
The kitchen and dining are connected, with the dining area sharing space with the family area.
A formal living area with an access to the staircase for upper floors is provided. The staircase requested by the client was such that in future the house could be connected internally to the first floor or if desired could be accessed separately from outside.
Large porch with 2 car park and a huge garden space is provided.
The design is very simple and minimalistic, easy to construct and economical.
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