Custom Designed House Plans

3D Floor Plan of a Duplex House – a large luxurious house with Swimming Pool


3D Floor Plans custom designed for your requirements are the best way to understand, how your dream home will look and function, internally. Many people are only interested in the External beauty of the house, but the internal spatial arrangement is much more important than the external beauty. We recommend that you should order a 3D Floor Plan along with your 3D External Elevation for complete understanding of your dream home.

The best way to get your dream duplex house designed is to first order a Custom Designed Floor Plan. offers various ways you can order your Floor Plan. After you are satisfied with the Floor Plan, you can choose to order the 3D Floor Plan AddON package, and we’ll be happy to make your dream home’s Floor Plan in 3D.

Following are the advantages of having a 3D Floor Plan:

  1. Better Understanding of the design of your dream house.
  2. People poor in imagination, find it difficult to visualize the connections to rooms and the spaces that each room provides, so a 3D Floor Plan is essential.
  3. Get a feel of the building, before it is built.
  4. Plan ahead for your interiors or ask for revisions at the design stage itself.
  5. Helps you to make much more informed and better decisions regarding your House Design.
  6. Understand the relationship between Outdoor and Indoor space.
  7. Easier to explain to your family members and discuss with them the design and take their inputs.
  8. Share it with your construction team, so as to avoid any construction mistake.
  9. Plan your flooring, finishing, etc. much more easily. recommends ordering the 3D Internal View AddON package after finalising the Conceptual Floor plan first. This way, the 3D floor plan will be almost close to your requirements.

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