We all love to build our own home, construct it as per our dreams and fulfill the requirements of our family and ourselves. In almost all the cases, we find that we have exceeded the budget and we now have to cut corners or dig deeper into the loan or that savings. I’m going to tell you 3 ways to ensure that you still have money left for your 2nd Honeymoon after constructing your dream home. Avoid these 3 mistakes and enjoy building your dream home.

MISTAKE 1: I Don’t Need an Architect or Professional !

We all think that we know best for ourselves, very true and yet very far from true when it comes to constructing your dream home. An Architect or a Professional Designer will be able to better design your home based on your needs, your budget and will meet your expectations much better than when you go solo. How does this happen? A well designed house will not have large negative or unusable spaces, saving you precious square feet of cost, re-work can be eliminated and the budget followed. She may help keep you in control even if you wanted to spend a little extra, without oversight.

MISTAKE 2: Small changes in Design are Ok !

If I spend an additional in a small change that I want after I got an idea at the party at my friend’s place and then I’ll try and cut corners somewhere else, is nothing but a wishful thinking. Construction is one such activity that will never allow you to be wishful, at least when it comes to saving money. All changes or revisions have cost involved, any new thing added or deleted while the construction is going on or after freezing the design and details will result in additional costs. Please avoid such changes, these design pangs are good for dreaming, but are sure to burn a hole in your pockets.

MISTAKE 3: I will go for the Cheapest Material or Work !

It is sad but true, there is no such thing as cheap, it either has a poor specification or poor work quality, in the end its you who will regret. How do we know that the cheapest material that we intend to buy might be the one in which the manufacturer is making the maximum profit, or that you are buying the most expensive material for its quality. Since Globalization, the theory of getting cheaper products because its locally made or using local labour is no longer the right approach to saving. Most of the construction material is now having a standard and most of them are having a similar price range. Even the skilled man power is almost similarly priced. The competition is good for us. Moreover, we construct our house for our life time, we do not want nagging problems of cracks, leakages or unnecessary maintenance that will eat our future savings and becomes a headache for ever.