3 bedroom Ground Floor Plan

How to Design a 3 Bedroom House with 2 Rental Portions on the First Floor of a 240 Square Yards Plot??

A client approached HouZone.com with a requirement of a 3 bedroom house design on the Ground Floor and 2 Numbers of 2 bedroom rental portions on the First Floor. Client wanted a well ventilated and optimally required design. A possibility of future expansion of First Floor to the 2nd floor should be considered in the design. Vastu was required for all the 3 portions of the house.
Client ordered a Simple House Floor Plan + 2 rental portions from our website, Online.
HouZone’s team of Architectural House Designers and construction professionals prepared a draft design for the client with 3 bedrooms on the Ground Floor along with a car park (covered).
As per Vastu the Master Bedroom is proposed in the South West portion and the Kitchen is in the South East area of the plot.
Entrance is given from North West as the plot has a road in the west side.
3 Bathrooms / Toilets are located on the South side of the house as per Vastu and gives easy access for plumbing lines. Puja room is located in the East, again as per Vastu requirements.
Access to the above floors is provided by Staircase located in the south west portion, also giving privacy to the family living on the First Floor and easy access to rented out portions, directly from the main gate.
First Floor of the House is divided into two portions of 2 bedroom houses, each with an access from North East and again follows Vastu in each aspect.
Rental Portions on the First Floor
Design follows rules of ergonomics and ensures optimum spaces for each room, proper ventilation for all rooms and toilets.
Client requested a small change at the draft stage, which our team did for free as per our design process. Client found the design satisfactory to his requirements and decided to go ahead and finalize the drawings with HouZone.com
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