3 Bedroom House Design, Simple Independent Duplex house plan

A Client ordered a 3 bedroom duplex house to be designed. The plot size of 27’-0” x 60’-0”

HouZone Design Team has made this beautiful design as per the client’s requirements and as per Vastu.

This Simple design is a well-ventilated house. Its a North entry house with car parking, the Living area appropriately places for entertaining the guest without disturbing the private places like kitchen and bedrooms. 

The living room is connected to the lawn in the front which enhances the area with greenery.

Puja is on the NE of the house.


Common toilet is also provided that is easily accessible to the guest. 

Dining has a double height and near to the kitchen. The staircase near the dining gives a sense of bigger space.  A bedroom is also provided, which is on the SW.

The First floor has 2 more bedrooms with attached toilets.

A study area with glass enclosure.

Dining cutout can be seen from here, beautiful double height connects the two floors.

The Design is Simple and Elegant, easy to construct and economical.

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