3 Bedroom Duplex House in 300 Sq. Yards with Swimming Pool and Maid’s room.
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A Client ordered a Luxury House design on www.houzone.com with a requirement of a 3 bedroom duplex house with a swimming pool, maid’s room, 2 car park, etc. He wanted 3+1 bathrooms and wanted to leave more space outside for proper ventilation.
The plot size is 45′-0″ x 60′-0″, with an area of 300 Sq. Yards and the road towards the East. The design team of houzone.com presented the client with a first draft and after taking his feedback presented him with the final design.
This beautiful 3 bedroom duplex house is designed in 2490 Sq. Feet of built-up area and has Kitchen, Dining and a formal living room on the Ground Floor along with 2 car parks, maid’s room and utility room for the swimming pool. A powder room is also given for guests and for use while dining.
The swimming pool is located towards the backyard with nice garden and greenery.
The first floor of the house has 3 bedrooms, two of which have attached toilets and dress areas. An entertainment room along with balconies and terraces completes the first-floor portion.
The design ensures that the house is small and the outdoor spaces sufficiently designed. The family intends to use the Ground Floor portion during the day and the first floor during evenings and nights.
The design was much appreciated for its practicality and simplicity.
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