Duplex House Floor Plans

210 Sq. Yards Plot Duplex House Designs are the most common and most ideal House Designs for contemporary living.

A client approached HouZone.com with his Dream House Design requirements, he had a plot size of 35′-0″ x 54′-0″, which is 1890 Sq. Feet or 210.0 Sq. Yards. The plot is East Facing, which is the best option as per Vastu.

A Duplex House Design was conceptualized by HouZone’s team of Architectural Space Planners.

The Ground Floor of the Duplex House on 210 Sq. Yards Plot size was designed to have a covered Car Park, some green space and free space all around the house to facilitate good ventilation. The Duplex House was designed as per Vastu and hence the Kitchen was kept in the South East Portion of the House and the Main entrance to the house was from the East in North East.

Ground Floor Plan of the Duplex House was designed with 2 bedrooms, a dining area, Living Room, Kitchen, Utility, and an internal staircase, leading to the First Floor of the House. Each Bedroom had attached toilets with a dressing area. The kitchen could be made into a modern open kitchen if desired and a breakfast table could be added. The entrance of the house had a small verandah as a semi open space, before entering into the living room.

The built-up area of the House was around 1100 Sq. Feet on the Ground Floor, that is about 60% coverage of the Plot, the rest of the space is left for car parking, green / garden space, deck and open area for ventilation. Ideally 60% t0 70% maximum should be covered on the Ground Floor, so as to achieve better Indoor – Outdoor space balance.

The First Floor of this Duplex House on 210 Sq. yards Plot was designed with 2 more bedrooms, a family room, an entertainment room, a laundry / store room and open terrace or balcony to enjoy the outside space.

HouZone designs the houses with large open-able windows, so as to get the best of natural sun light and wind. Toilets clubbed together and are positioned on top of each other on every floor to facilitate easy and economical plumbing. Windows in the toilets are also proposed to be large and open-able with privacy curtains. This helps in keeping the toilets dry and clean.

Staircase is such designed that its easy to access both the floors and maintains the privacy of the home owners. The staircase is large enough to carry furniture also onto the First Floor.

Vastu is followed in the design with South West Portion being the Master Bedroom and the Toilets being located on the West wall and the staircase being located on the South wall. All other principles of Vastu are also adopted, to give the home owners a Peaceful and Prosperous life.

The house design was finalized within 1 modification and the clients were extremely happy and satisfied. They further ordered Structural Designs, Construction Drawings, Estimation, Electrical Designs, Plumbing Designs, Elevations, etc. The house at the moment is under construction and once the brick work and plastering is completed, HouZone.com will also be providing Interior Design services as well.

HouZone.com provides only customized House Designs as per your user requirements, from customized Floor Plans to complete Design and Drawings for construction of the house. Interior Designs are provided after the house construction has commenced, although the interior design can be incorporated at the stage of construction itself.

If you are looking for constructing your Dream House and wish for your house to be designed, do visit HouZone.com, its easy and comes at a fraction of the cost. Best part, its Online and you get the best designs in the world, as our team consists of Internationally experienced Architectural and Construction Professionals.

Look forward to Designing your Dream Home.