What is HouZone?

HouZone is an online portal / website providing House Design Services, Online. Users can avail of customized solution to their House Design needs, such as Customized Floor Plans, Elevations, Construction Drawings, Structural Drawings, Electrical & Plumbing Drawings, Cost Estimation, Interiors, etc.

Are the drawings & designs provided by HouZone.com copyright protected?

All Designs, Drawings and Information shared with you are copyright protected and belong to HouZone.com

You are not authorized to share or copy or build your House as per the Design and Drawings and Information given by HouZone.com without Permission / NOC from HouZone.com

Please read our Terms & Conditions for More information.

Does HouZone.com provide house designs as per Vastu?

We follow 100% Vastu as per all agreed Principles of Vastu, if you choose to get your house designed as per Vastu. Although, despite our best efforts, due to various limitations in terms of Ventilation, Space constraints, we do not Guarantee that the house designed for you will be fully Vastu Compliant, few deviations from Vastu norms may be required to ensure good Ventilation and Circulation.

We do not design the house as per any Special Vastu or as per the requirements of your Vastu Pandit. We will not be able to comply with your requests in such cases where you wish that the House be designed as per your specific Vastu Norm. We will only design the House as per the Standard Vastu Principles that HouZone.com follows.

What if I don’t like the designs provided by HouZone.com?

If you do not like the designs provided by HouZone.com you may take the following two actions:

  1. Ask for a modification – 1 modification is free at the draft design stage.
  2. Re-order our design services

We take great care while designing your dream home and our Architectural Design Team ensures that most of your requirements are incorporated in the design, yet sometimes its not possible to properly design with the limitations of space and plot or meet all your expectations.

We try our best in giving equal & best service to everyone and try to satisfy your requirements, yet we are dependent on Technology and we are humans, hence, we do not provide any Guarantee that our Service or Design will fully Satisfy you.

Design is subjective in nature, the same design may be appreciated by some and criticized by others.

In such rare cases, where you find that you are not happy with the Design / Service provided by HouZone.com, we strongly recommend that you discontinue your relationship with us and cancel your Account.

We will try to provide you with the rooms & spaces required by you, but we will be constrained by the available area, since we cannot provide rooms smaller than standard sizes & spaces which are not functional, hence, we will use Priority Design System to provide you with the most important rooms first, without which the house will not function and then try to provide rest of the spaces & rooms as per available area. We will not compromise on the Ventilation and minimum room size / space size / staircase size, etc., hence it may be possible that all the required or desired rooms do not fit into the Design due to area constraint.

HouZone.com does not guarantee that your House Floor Plan will contain all the rooms & spaces as mentioned in this Custom Designed Floor Plan.

You can in such a scenario, re-order our services or order our modifications package.

Do I have to agree to the terms & conditions of website & HouZone.com?

Yes, it is mandatory that you read and understand our terms and conditions and agree to them before placing your order. If you place an order with us, it is deemed that you have agreed to our terms and conditions.

How to order a floor plan?


  1. LogIn to your Account. Please ensure that you have confirmed your email ID and your Hub Page / Account with HouZone.com is active.
  2. Please fill the House Design Requirement Form (click on the button), giving all the information such as your Plot Size, Orientation, Space Requirements, Room requirements, budget, style, etc.
  3. Submit the HDR- Form, after submitting, you’ll be taken to the Secure Payment Gateway.
  4. Make the Online Payment.
  5. Once we receive HDR Form and Payment, we start the process of Designing your Dream Home.
  6. You can View your orders in your My Account Page.

What additional drawings will I require apart from House Plans to build my house?

In addition to the house plans that you order with HouZone.com, you may also need these following drawings to complete the house design process and you can order these any time later.

  1. Construction Drawings, which you can order after you finalise the house plan with us.
  2. Structural Drawings for RCC Structure such as footings, columns, beams, slabs, etc. this you can order additionally after you finalise the house plan with us.
  3. Electrical & Plumbing Drawings you can order after you finalise the house plan with us.
  4. Septic Tank Design (if required)
  5. Elevation Designs – we will design your dream elevation for your house, just order our +AddON 3D Elevation Design Package

You may need a septic tank design unless your Plot has a sanitary sewer system already connected.

Does the drawings come with Architect’s Stamp?

House Plans made by HouZone.com and the drawings made by HouZone.com does not have a professional Architect’s stamp on them. If your municipal corporation requires one for submission & approval, they will only accept a stamp from a professional licensed Architect in your area where you plan to build. In this case, you will need to take your house plans to a local engineer or architect for review and stamping.

We can issue a drawing with Professional Architect’s Stamp at an additional cost for other purposes such as Bank Loan, Personal Satisfaction, etc. but not for Municipal Building permission.

I wish to pay later?

Unfortunately it is not possible, we use highly technical software to provide you with customized house design services at such low prices. We cannot process your order unless we receive your payment, as our internal server and software does not permit us to access your account.

Why do I need to pay in advance for ordering a House Floor Plan?

HouZone.com works on the principles of e-commerce and instead of ordering books or other items, you are ordering our services. Since all e-commerce platforms work on the principle of paying at the time of ordering and since we cannot offer you cash on delivery either, you will need to pay in advance at the time of ordering our services.

Once we receive your payment, our internal server and software allows us to process your order and then only we can prepare your drawings and upload it onto your Hub Page. Without payment, our servers do not permit us to access your account or upload the drawings.

What is a Custom Designed House Floor Plans?

Our team of Architectural House Designers will actually design and draft each and every order for each client, separately. So a custom designed house floor plan is a floor plan, that is made just for you and for your needs and requirements.

All our house floor plans are made to order as per your Plot Size, Plot Dimensions, Road direction, number of bedrooms and other rooms you require, personal choices, Vastu, Budget and style.

Who can use HouZone?

HouZone can be used by anybody who is Planning or is in the process of Constructing their house. HouZone can also be used by people who are renovating their homes.

HouZone can be used by Builders, Developers, Engineers, Architects or anybody planning to build a house or an Apartment.

How to use HouZone?

HouZone is very simple and easy to use. Begin by registering and then you get access to all the features of HouZone.

Simply choose the House Design Service you wish to order, fill in the house design requirement form (in case of house floor plans only), make secure online payment and you are done.

Is HouZone only for Indians?

No, HouZone.com is a Global Enterprise and offers its services to everyone on this Planet. We have separate pricing for our clients in USA, Canada, UK, Australia, India, Thailand, etc.

What Building Codes does HouZone follow?

HouZone follows National Building Codes and IS Codes meant for Construction in India.

Can I request for modification of Drawings or Designs?

Yes, you can request for modification of the Design anytime. We charge a very nominal fee of Rs. 999/- for modifying the Design.

Its limited to one time only and you can order again if you wish to modify further. Our Platinum Design Package offers 1 modification for Free.

In our experience with past clients, maximum of 2 major modifications are requested before finalizing the Floor Plans and moving ahead with Construction Drawings or Structural Designs.

All minor modifications are free of charge for all paid services.

Is it available across India?

Yes, HouZone is available across India and can be accessed across the Globe.

I already have a Plan in mind, how can HouZone help?

HouZone can help you in multiple ways. If you already have a plan or already design is ready, you can request for a revised & updated House Floor Plan, which will come with improved design features. Once you have the Floor Plans from us, you can then order all the other services such as Construction Drawings, Structural Drawings or many other Segmented Services to get your Dream Home Built easily.

Your design can also be used by our design team to understand your requirement properly.

What is the cost of using HouZone?

HouZone offers Customized House Design Services Online with affordable pricing options.

You can order a Customized Floor Plans as per the pricing mentioned on our website.

All our Services are segmented so you can order only what you want and when you want. All our pricing is a flat pricing, hence it does not vary depending on the size of your house.

To know more, contact us via whatsapp or mail us to support@houzone.com



Can HouZone give me Customized Solutions?

Yes, HouZone offers customized solution for all your Construction Requirements. All our Designs & Drawings are prepared based on your needs and all your Technical Questions are answered only for you. We only offer custom designed houses and do not have any stock or free or sample drawings.

I only need Structural Designs?

You are most welcome, HouZone offers each services in a segmented way, so you can choose what you really wish for in your construction of your dream home. We will be happy to assist you in any of your Engineering Requirements.

Is HouZone an Architectural Company?

No, HouZone is not an Architectural or Engineering Company, it is just an online portal providing users with Construction Engineering Services to help them build their homes easily.

I want to get Interior Designs?

Interior Designs can be ordered using HouZone and we’ll be happy to assist you in all your Interior Design Queries too.

What all Services does HouZone provide?

HouZone offers customized  Construction Designs & Drawings to build your Dream Home. From Floor Plans to Structural Designs and anything that you can think of that you require in your Home Building needs is offerd by HouZone, so what are you waiting for, Register for free and start exploring.

I’m Planning to build a house on 200 Sq. Yards? What all is required to get a House Floor Plan?

You can choose any of our House Floor Plan design services as per your requirement of bedrooms and amenities. If you are looking for a simple 3 bedroom house, you can order our Simple House Floor Plan, if you wish for a larger house with swimming pool and maid’s room, etc. you can order our Luxury House Floor Plan.


What is the cost of construction in Ahmadabad?

Cost of Construction varies depending on various parameters and specifications. To know more, kindly register and discuss the same with our Technical Construction Professional on your personalized Hub Page.

HouZone Engineers will be happy to assist you in your query by replying back personally to you, which is relevant to your requirement.

Do you Provide Elevation Designs?

Yes and you can order our 3D Elevation Design service after you finalize your house floor plans with us.

HouZone will Design the Elevations as per your requirements, if the Floor Plan or House Design is also done by HouZone.

Do you Provide 3D Views?

Yes, we offer 3D Elevation design and you can order this service after you have finalized your house floor plan with us.

We are sorry, but we do not provide 3D views Independent of House Design or Floor Plans, i.e if the floor plans or house design is done by some one else, we cannot make 3D views for that.

How do you Design without visiting the plot?

HouZone is expert in Designing your House without visiting your site or plot. You will be required to provide us with the Plot Dimensions, Orientation and Other such details online. These details will be asked, while you fill in the form with your requirements. Our team will study your requirements and Plot details and Design your Dream Home.

There is actually no reason to visit the site, unless for a very difficult terrain or unusual situations, which mostly do not arise in House Designs.

HouZone uses latest technology like GPS or Satellite Imagery to study more about the location of your Plot and provide you with an absolutely correct Design. Our Designers are well experienced to work across the Globe and have deep knowledge about each part of the Country.


Can you Design Apartments? What’s the cost?

Yes, HouZone has already Designed various Apartment Buildings across India.

You just need to order our Apartment Design Package and select the number of flats or apartments you need on a typical floor.

Our Pricing is the least in the world for any type of Design.

You can further order Structural Designs and Other Engineering Designs from HouZone, all at very very nominal pricing.

I want Shops on Ground Floor and House on First & Upper Floors?

HouZone will be happy to Design as per your Requirements and Plot Size. If you wish to construct Shops on the Ground Floor and your own House on the First Floor, we’ll be happy to Design.

You’ll have to buy two of our Design Packages, one for the Ground Floor and one for the First Floor. You can order our Rental Portion package for your Ground Floor requirement and House Floor Plans package for your First Floor House design requirement.

Contact us on support@houzone.com for more information.

Why is the Pricing so less?

HouZone is trying to provide Quality Design access to everyone for Designing and Building their dream home. We have highly subsidised pricing for the benefit of all the people. We wish to create awareness about the way a Good Design can help improve quality of life.

Internet and Modern Technology helps HouZone in keeping the Price Low and Guaranteeing the best possible Design.

Why do I need to send Private Message for my Technical Queries?

Our Contact Number, Whatsapp and Chat is monitored by our Customer Care Associate, CCA’s will provide you with all the information related to HouZone, website usage, payments, LogIn issues, Forms, etc. Our CCA’s are not Construction or Design Professionals and hence cannot answer queries related to your House Design or Construction.

When you send us a Private Message, it goes directly to our Design and Construction Professionals team and after reviewing your query, will provide you with a reply that is appropriate for you. It may take some time, we generally reply within 24 hours – 48 hours for simpler queries, but some queries may require more attention and time. Kindly be patient, we will surely reply to each and every query.

How to Contact HouZone?

There are various ways in which you can contact us, our CCA will be happy to assist you in any query.

You can call us on +91-91-000-33-897

You can sms / whatsapp us on +91-91-000-33-897

You can mail us on support@houzone.com

You can use Private Messaging using your Hub Page. Private Messaging is ideal for any Technical Queries related to Design or Construction.

I want a Duplex House Design?

HouZone will be happy to Custom Design a Duplex House Design for you, our team of Expert International Designers will customize the your Dream Home based on your Plot Size, Plot Orientation, Road Width, Vastu, and as per your requirements of Bedrooms, Living Rooms, Bathrooms, etc.

Our Designs cater for Pan India requirements and can be used for Constructing your Dream Home anywhere in the world.

What do you mean by Customized Designs?

Customized Designs are Drawings and Designs that are made specifically for your requirements and needs. These Designs are made by highly skilled and experienced Designers & Engineers, who will take your requirements from you and then manually sit and design the House just for you. These drawings and designs are tailored for your needs and hence are not useful for anybody else.

Why do I need to pay for Modifications?

We do customized Designs, that is, a highly skilled & experienced Designer will take your requirements and make a Design for you. When you ask for modifications and changes, the Designer has to re-design and make changes as per the new inputs that you have given. This work costs us costly manpower and hence we charge you nominally for modifications. In most of the cases, modifications are not required due to site limitations, Vastu and design requirements, hence adding the cost of modification to the actual cost also would not make sense.

Why don’t you have a single Design Package that provides all the Services?

HouZone does not have a single Package that provides all the services, we have segmented our services as per the stages of work and stages of construction. Being an Online service, we wish to give the choice to the user to decide, which service they want and hence pay only for the one’s they wish to take. This gives clients immense flexibility and convenience. They need not pay at one go and can keep taking all the services they want, as per their requirements and pay accordingly.

Everyone’s requirements are different, some clients may require all the services and some may only need a house floor plan. Also the pricing is not based on square feet are of the construction, but on each service, so it would be very difficult to assess each individual’s requirement and costs.

How do I trust you?

Trust is based on mutual faith. HouZone.com is a real company with real promoters and their details are given on “About Us” page. We are in the field of Design and Construction for more than 16 years. We have a team of highly skilled and experienced Designers and Construction Engineers with a combined International and National experience of more than 50 years. Our Facebook account has more than 150,000 + likes and growing, which shows that our services are well appreciated. We have already designed about 2500+ houses across India. Our online payment system is completely secure as we have partnered with the world’s best payment gateway CCAVENUE. So, rest assured, you can trust us, the way you trust any real company or person.

Refunds & Cancellation

Refunds & Cancellation Policy of HouZone.


HouZone.com has the following refund Policy:

  1. 80% refund of your amount if the order is cancelled within 24 hours of placing the order.
  2. No refund if order is cancelled beyond 24 hours of placing the order.
  3. No refund if Drawings (either Draft or Final) are uploaded to your Hub Page.

Latest Cost of HouZone for a Duplex House Design

Latest Cost of a Customized Duplex House Design, charged by HouZone.com

Lets say you want a conceptual Floor Plan for your Duplex House, you’ll have 3 options, Simple Floor Plan or Comfort Floor Plan or Luxury Floor Plan. Let’s say you choose Comfort Floor Plan, the cost of a Comfort Floor Plan is Rs. 4,999/- in which you’ll get a customized House Floor Plan designed as per your Plot Size, Orientation and as per your requirements.

Cost of Comfort Floor Plan = Rs. 4,999/-

Let’s assume you wish for some modification in the design given by us, which is rare because we do provide you a draft design first before final design, yet, for some after thought you wish to change the design, you’ll like to take 1 modification, which will cost you Rs. 999/-

Cost of Modification = Rs. 999/-

After you’ve finalized the floor plan, you can order the Structural Design, structural design are priced per floor, since its a duplex house, you’ll have 2 floors, so you can order Rs. 4,999/- x 2 floors = Rs. 9,998/-

Cost of Structural Design and Drawings = Rs. 9,998/-

Once you start the construction, you can order Electrical and Plumbing Designs, electrical design is Rs. 2,999/- per floor, being a duplex house, its going to cost you Rs. 2,999/- x 2 = Rs. 5,998/- and Plumbing drawings are Rs. 4,999/- per house.

Cost of Electrical Design and Drawings = Rs. 5,998/-

Cost of Plumbing Design and Drawings = Rs. 4,999/-

With these sets of drawings you can easily construct your dream home. The total cost of all the above will be Rs. 26,993/- which is a fraction of the cost you’ll spend elsewhere for similar quality of Design and Drawings.

Total Cost = Rs. 26,993/-

You may wish to add additional designs and drawings such as Construction Drawings, Elevation Design, Cost and Estimation etc. These can be ordered as per your requirements and needs.

HouZone.com offers the flexibility of ordering any of our services at any time, that is, you can only take the Customized Floor Plan and after you are satisfied by our Quality of Design and Drawings, order further services as per your needs. Many a times, the client already has a civil engineer, in that case you can choose not to order Structural Drawings. There is no compulsion to order all the services. Also, you can order them, as and when you need them, so you end up paying in small amounts, which is very convenient. You only pay for what you require.