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HouZone Engineering Services

Congratulations!!! You are Ready to Build your Dream Home, this is the 2nd Step after Finalizing your Floor Plans.

Congratulations on Starting to build your dream home, whether you are about to Finalize the Design or have started with actual construction, Houzone can offer you multiple ways of building your home, easily, safely and help you save big money.

Engineering Services

  • Structural Design

    Order Structural Designs like Footings, Columns, Beams, Slabs, etc. to start constructing your Dream Home.

    Price Per Floor Rs. 4,999

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  • Plumbing Design

    Order Plumbing & Water Supply Designs & Drawings for proper functioning of your Toilets & Kitchens.

    Price Per House Rs. 4,999

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  • Electrical Design

    Order Electrical Designs & Drawings with locations of Switch Boards, Fans, Lights, Power sockets, Wiring Loop, etc.

    Price per Floor Rs. 2,999

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  • Estimate & Cost

    Budget your Construction and get detailed Estimate with Item wise cost of Construction

    Price Rs. 4,999

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