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Design, Build & Construct your Dream Home, Easily from anywhere with our Online Easy to Use Design Services.
Order Customized Designs for your Home Floor Plans, House Designs, Interiors & Construction Services as per your requirement and budget. All Design Services are available online and at a fraction of the cost.
Our International Designs & Construction Professionals will help you Build Your Dream Home, Easily!

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  • House Plans


    Floor Plans

    Order Custom Designed House Floor Plans as per your Plot Size, Orientation and your personal requirements.



    Engineering Services

    Order Construction Drawings, Estimates, Structural Designs, Electrical & Plumbing Designs, etc. These Services are required for actual Construction after you finalize your House Designs.




    Order Custom Designed Interiors, Bedroom, Kitchen, False Ceiling, Bath & More




    Re-new, Re-Model, Renovate & More
    Renovate & More


Do YOU want your Dream House to Look like these & in this Budget?

  • Duplex HouseContemporary Duplex House. Ideal for Urban Living.

    Built Up Area 1800Sq. Feet


  • Luxury Duplex HouseLuxury Duplex House for Smart Living.

    Built Up Area 2800Sq. Feet


  • Luxury Duplex HouseSimple & Elegant Duplex House

    Built Up Area 2800Sq. Feet


  • Ultra Modern International DesignContemporary Duplex House

    Built Up Area 3000Sq. Feet


  • Ultra Modern International DesignHouse Design with Pool for Ultra Modern Luxury Duplex House

    Built Up Area 3000Sq. Feet


  • International Design Duplex HouseInternational Design Duplex House with Pool for the Uber Cool Life Style.

    Built Up Area 3600Sq. Feet


HouZone offers much more beyond House Plans, Floor Plans, Building Plans, Get all Engineering Designs, Drawings, Costs, Material Requirements & much more to build these kind of awesome homes yourself, customized to your requirements and within your budget.

Save Big Money, ensure best Quality, control everything, ‘coz you only build once.
Use our Step by Step Online Construction Services, So what are you waiting for, start building NOW!

Few of the Floor Plans and Houses Designed by us are shown in the Gallery Below, for more you can visit our Project’s Gallery Page.

HouZone Duplex House Design

Services available across India, South East Asia and Serving Globally.

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  • Ask any Construction related Queries and get Personalized Professional Advice.
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  • Keep all your files and data at one place for easy access from anywhere.

HouZone is for EVERYONE !

  • Whether your budget is Rs. 10.0 Lakhs or Rs. 5.0 Crores, HouZone will guide you through the process of Constructing your Dream Home.
  • Whether you stay in a small town or in a big metro, HouZone is available, anywhere in India.
  • Whether you are an IT Professional, Business Owner or a Salaried employee, as long as you know little of internet, HouZone can transform your dream into reality.

Everything you wanted to know about constructing your dream home is now available on your finger tips.

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