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Floor Plans

Order Custom Designed House Floor Plans as per your (P)lot Size / Land Dimensions, Orientation, bedrooms required, other spaces required, special requirement such as for kids or old age, etc.

Our Team of Architectural House Designers will custom design your dream home, just for you.


3D Floor Plans

Order 3D Floor Plans to better understand the design and flow of your dream home, before you start spending your top dollars on construction. 3D Floor Plans will provide you with additional inputs, which you may use to re-modify the design. It is important that the design of the house is finalized and no changes made during the construction stage, this helps in saving money and avoids wastage and delays.

3D Elevation Designs

Now its easy to visually understand the entire design of the house including the Elevation design or the external facade design, which includes certain Architectural Treatments such as cladding, space frames, etc. that will enhance the beauty of your dream home and make it unique. Order 3D Elevation Designs for your house after you have finalised the house plan with us and our team of top visual designers will custom design the House Elevation in 3D, just for you.

Engineering Design Services

Structural Drawings: Order Structural Drawings for Footings, Columns, Beams, Slabs (RCC Only) as per the House Designed by HouZone.com (not available in all countries)

Electrical & Plumbing Drawings: Order Electrical and Plumbing Drawings to easily get the electrical and plumbing works done for your dream home.

Order Cost Estimation or Bill of Materials (not available in all countries)


Order Custom Designed Interiors for your entire house or for your Kitchen or bedroom. Our team of Interior Designers will provide you with some of the most beautiful concepts that is sure to blow your mind away.

Customized Interior Design for a bedroom by HouZone.com


You can now renovate or re-model your dream home easily, simply send us your requirements, upload your existing house plan and our team of expert House Designers will re-design and re-model your dream home, just for you.

Get awesome houses such as these for your self and make your dream home easily.

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HouZone Duplex House Design

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